After August 12, 2022 this website will be taken offline. Images of the 1940 Census records will continue to be available through the National Archives Catalog. For more information, please visit our 1940 Census FAQs page.

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The 1940 census is made up of 3.8 million images, scanned from over 4,000 rolls of microfilm. This website is the official host of the 1940 census, designed to allow you to easily browse digital census images.

How It Works

To find the person you're looking for in the 1940 census, the first step is to identify the appropriate enumeration district where that person lived.

An enumeration district is a geographic area determined for purposes of taking the census. In one city there may be many enumeration districts, so once you enter a city, county, or state, you can narrow your results by entering street level information, or investigate enumeration district maps, or descriptions.

If you don't know the location or enumeration district, we have additional tools to help you. Choose the appropriate option below to get started.

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