CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps)
One of President Roosevelt's New Deal programs. Hired men aged 18-25 in conservation work on federal lands, such as national parks.

The periodic listing of the people in an area. In the United States, the federal census is taken once every ten years for the purpose of apportioning members of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Census Schedule
A set of census pages organized by enumeration district.

Emergency Work
Describes work that was part of President Roosevelt's New Deal. Includes the Civilian Conservation Corps, the Works Progress Administration, and the National Youth Administration. Also includes similar state programs.

ED (Enumeration District)
An area determined for the purposes of the census covered by one enumerator. There are often many enumeration districts within a city or county. Enumeration districts often changed between 1940 and 1930 (when the previous census was taken).

Enumeration District (ED) Number
An enumeration district number is typically displayed as a combination of a county number and a district number separated by a dash (e.g. 37-29). Researchers can locate an enumeration district number to browse census images for a particular location.

The person who went door to door gathering the answers from each household; a census taker.

NYA (National Youth Administration)
One of President Roosevelt's New Deal programs. Gave part-time jobs to high school and college students to earn money to continue their education.

Supplemental Questions
In the 1940 census, two people on each page (about 5% of the population) were to answer additional questions. These questions are referred to as "supplemental questions" or the "supplemental schedule."

Territorial Census
Refers to the form used by the U.S. territories – Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Panama Canal Zone – which was different than the form used in the 48 states. The Puerto Rico census schedules are in Spanish.

WPA (Works Progress Administration)
One of President Roosevelt's New Deal programs. Provided government jobs to unemployed people to keep them off of relief.

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